I'm always interested to learn about people's travel experiences. I'm particularly interested when I learn that someone's been someplace I especially like (most of Europe, for example!). I like hearing about their impressions -- their likes and dislikes -- because it helps me better appreciate those things that I like and dislike. I'm often surprised at who's gone where, because I don't imagine them as being the travelling type.

The wife are going to, among other places, Amsterdam for our honeymoon. So far almost everyone who I've told has responded in one of two ways: * "You know prostitution is legal there!" * "You know smoking pot is legal there!" Yes, as a matter of fact, I did know both of these. I won't be partaking in either of those activities, thank you very much. Neither of them had anything to do with the decision to stop there on our honeymoon. Paying for sex seems rather contradictory for a honeymoon activity, and if I'm the kind of person who would smoke pot than travelling to Amsterdam just to do it legally seems rather anticlimactic.

I'm intrigued that no one says "The Anne Frank House is in Amsterdam!" or "The Van Gogh Museum is awesome!". Europe in general has a phenomenal history, and I'm eager to learn and experience Amsterdam's specific cultural history. I must be weird, because no one else mentions these items until I bring them up.

We're going to try to take a train to the Hague and possibly Delft. We hope to rent bikes and do a spot of cycling in the countryside (weather permitting!). We hope to enjoy the international cuisine. Hookers and drugs are not high on the list.


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