WP-DB Backup 1.6

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of WP-DB-Backup 1.6!

This version has received a major overhaul, courtesy of Owen:

a screenshot of WP-DB Backup in action

As you can see from the screenshot above, there's a progress meter now, telling you how far along in the backup process you are. Each table is still backed up individually, but now each table is also backed up just a few rows at a time, to better support tables with huge numbers of rows (as might be found from stats or anti-spam plugins).

WP-DB Backup should now handle databases of all sizes! Indeed, it's been tested successfully on two large databases -- one nearly 10 megs, and one over 32 megs -- as well as several small ones.

WP-DB Backup now also automatically detects gzip support. If available, your backup will be compressed on the fly; if not available, no compression will occur (obviously).

Now that huge databases can be backed up reliably, I have added support for optional tables to be included in the scheduled backups. Remember, though, that most email servers block attachments larger than about 5 megabytes. If you have an enormous database, the scheduled backup email delivery may fail.

French translation available -- thanks Ozh!


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