Bad to Worse


I woke up at 3 AM this morning. I was wide awake, and spent about ten minutes lying in bed trying to decide whether to get up and start my day, or try to go back to sleep. I ultimately chose the latter. When the alarm clock went off, I got out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. Floating in the toilet was a small piece of the bathroom ceiling. It was about 2 inches worth of ceiling. I looked up, and stared at the small hole in the ceiling. Carefully touching it, I confirmed that it was wet. Great: the roof was leaking. I put a bucket in the attic at the spot where I think the water is coming down, though it was rather difficult to be certain.

I then left for the gym, for my morning workout. No roof repair place would be open before 8 AM, anyway, so I might as well carry on with my normal routine. Oftentimes when I leave for the gym, I forget a bath towel, and am forced to pay $2 to use one of the gym’s towels. This morning I was so focused on remembering my bath towel that I forgot to pack my belt or dress shoes.

After my workout, I drove home to fetch the forgotten items. While driving, I called the company that replaced our roof two years ago. They agreed to dispatch someone to investigate. I called my boss to let him know that I’d be working from home until lunch.

Looking for some small comfort, I set out to make a pot of coffee as soon as I got into the house. Unfortunately, I spilled coffee grounds all over the kitchen counter.

If the day keeps up like this, I don’t know what I’ll do…

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