I borrowed Buckaroo Bonzai from Mike, and forced Carina to watch it with me. She enjoyed it well enough, though it was clear that she was not as thoroughly entertained as I was. Then again, she hasn’t seen Robocop, so really has nothing against which to compare Peter Weller.

It’s a tremendously silly movie, but it’s got a lot of depth that isn’t immediately obvious. I was surprised how well the film stood up, given its age. This is one of the few DVDs for which I’m actually interested in watching the bonus material and commentaries.

I’ve always felt that this movie has one of the best running gags of all time: the names of all the various Johns (“John Smallberries” being my all-time favorite)!


Christopher Lloyd as the ill-named John Bigboote always earns a laugh from me.

Jeff Goldblum plays, predictably, Jeff Goldblum; and John Lithgow turns in one of his better performances. All in all, a very fun movie.

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