Can't bear to know


Carina and I have been talking about adding a new member to our family. It’s an idea we’ve discussed several times in the past.

Today we discussed the idea a bit with the girls. Tayler was thrilled with the idea, and has announced loudly several times that she really wants a baby brother. Our attempts to explain to her that we don’t really get to choose have fallen on deaf ears.

Tyler, on the other hand, expressed some reservations. She highlighted a lot of the challenges that would come up, real and otherwise. She tried hard to dissuade us in several different ways. I tried to summarize the moment by saying “It sounds like Tayler is for a baby, and Tyler is against it.”

Tyler responded, sheepishly, “I’m not against it. I just can’t bear to know that my mom and dad had sex!”

After the laughter died down, Tyler quipped “Go ahead, you can have the baby.”

How magnanimious of her!

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