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The other day I was fooling around on my Palm Treo, trying to make a Bluetooth dial-up networking connection from my laptop running Ubuntu GNU/Linux. After much effort, I was finally forced to admit that the Treo 700p did not natively support Bluetooth DUN. I found a phone-as-modem hack, which I installed. I failed to backup my Palm, as encouraged to do so on that page, thinking that this couldn’t possibly screw up my phone.

Boy was I wrong. My phone reset, and has been acting a little flakey ever since. In the process of resetting, it wiped all of my contacts (though interestingly all of my speed-dial presets were preserved). Additionally, much of my third-party software configurations were lost (Chatter Email, KB Lights Out, etc). I’m going to perform a factory reset.

So, if you know me, please do me the favor of sending me your contact information so that I can re-enter it. I promise I’ll back up my phone more regularly, so you (hopefully) won’t need to do this more than once.

As an incentive, if you mention it when you send me your contact information, I’ll provide to you my Grand Central phone number, so that you can have a single number to call to reach me.

Update: I had forgotten that I had executed several over-the-air synchronizations with the Zimbra server at work, so I was able to retrieve the vast majority of contacts I thought I had lost. At least one person who’s contacted me so far provided me with a different number than I previously had, though, so feel free to send me your contact information just to make sure I have the correct data!

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