It’s been ages since I’ve updated the content on my website in any significant way. I’ve been evaluating various blogging packages on and off for over a year, but haven’t found anything that really tickled my fancy. With the introduction of the phpBB2 backend, I’m going to try to “blog” a bit more regularly, and I invite comments and discussions! My wife has been running a b2 blog for some time, and she seems to have the process down pretty well – if she can do it, so can I!

Yup, I got married! Carina and I tied the knot on May 24, 2003 at 2 PM at the Whetstone Park of Roses. It was a beautiful ceremony, a terrific reception, and a wonderful start for our life together. It was great to share the day with friends and family who made the trip in. Scott was my best man, and it was especially nice to catch up with him.

So far married life is just fine! Of course Carina and the twins have been living with me for the past five months, so there’s very little change in our daily routine. The hardest part is remembering to say “wife” instead of “fiancee’” when I talk about Carina!

I commented the other day to Carina how glad I was that we decided to cohabitate prior to the wedding, as that afforded me the opportunity to “practice” full-time parenting and gave us all a chance to get used to living together independent of any added stress from expectations of “married life”. I am genuinely glad that we did it this way, but ….

I asked myself yesterday if anything would have been significantly different had we waited to cohabitate until after the wedding. Would I have been just a little more patient with the kids, perhaps? Would I have been just a little less protective of “my stuff”? Certainly living together was an overall positive experience (for all of us, I think), but I wonder if – just maybe – a few bad habits started that might not have happened had we waited … ?

Carina and I are off to our honeymoon on Friday. I can’t wait to leave the country again, and I know Carina is eager to leave for her first trip abroad. The kids are jealous, obviously, but they’ll have a terrific time with their grandmother. I believe all of our hotels have internet access, so we’ll be checking in via email and blog posts to share our experiences… Certainly a lot different than the traditional honeymoons of yore where a postcard was the best you could do!

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