HabariCon 2008


I’m heading off to the iPony headquarters in just a few minutes to get the registration table ready for today’s big conference. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this before!

Today is the first annual HabariCon, “the Habari convention uniting the user and developer communities in friendship and collaboration”!

This should be a fantastic event, and although I’m a little disappointed that registrations closed so quickly, I’m excited that so many people were able to confirm their attendance so early! If you weren’t able to register, don’t worry: we’ll have plenty of updates throughout the day, and we’ll be sure to post final details about tonight’s party as soon as we know them.

Today’s presentations are supposed to be recorded, so we’ll make sure we do all we can to get the session audio online as quickly as possible so that everyone can follow along at home!

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