help the bombadier!


Carina and I watched Catch-22 last night. I’ve seen this movie several times, but this was Carina’s first time. I always enjoy watching the film, but this time I think I better appreciated the depiction of arbitrary absurdity. Having experienced my own share of catch-22s in recent years, the movie does a great job of developing the helpless frustration of individuals against an impersonal system.

Carina enjoyed the film quite a bit, as well. She had started reading the book, but didn’t get even halfway into it. I really ought to read the book. I know the book encompasses a broader story than takes place in the film, and I think I’d really enjoy it even though the non-linear narrative is a challenging format. (I hated James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, for example. I know Catch-22 isn’t stream of consciousness, but I don’t know if the non-linear narrative will be better or worse!)

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