January First


Carina and I took the kids to Tom and Kelly’s for New Year’s Eve. We were flattered beyond words that they expressly invited the twins, and the girls were extremely excited about the possibility of watching their first chance to watch the famous ball drop.

Both girls were a little cranky through the day, and my patience was wearing extremely thin. I was nervous that the girls would do at Tom and Kelly’s all the aggravating stuff they do at home: tease and taunt one another, throw power trips, touch and manhandle things that do not belong to them, etc etc. To my extreme delight, both of them were pleasant, and cheery through the whole night!

Also at the party were Amie and Duffy, Brooke and Matt, and Kelly’s co-worker Laura. We socialized for a bit, and sampled some of Tom’s Pragmatic IPA homebrew (it was great, and makes me want to try my hand at homebrew!). After a bit, we played a round of Loaded Questions, which was extremely entertaining, given the witty collection of participants. The twins played, too, and did surprisingly well!

Midnight came and went. The couples present ushered in the new year with the obligatory kiss, and the twins giggled. They stayed up for a bit, and then went to bed without much fussing (a rarity!). The adults stayed up until about 3 AM. Carina and I crashed there, while the others drove home. We awoke this morning, had a great breakfast and then we all just relaxed for a bit while the twins watched Cartoon Network.

Not a bad start to the new year at all…

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