Michael J. Nelson


Carina introduced me to Mystery Science Theater 3000 while we were dating. I wasn’t too sure, at first, but soon came to love the show as much as she did. I greatly prefered the episodes hosted by Mike Nelson, as his humor is much like my own; and there’s only so much of Joel’s simpering self-deprication I can stand.

We love MST3K so much that we’ve been hosting our own version of it on a fairly regular basis. We invite friends over, pick a bad movie, and then proceed to make jokes through the whole thing. It’s always a lot of fun, mostly because we have such creative, witty friends! It’s now often hard for me to watch a movie that doesn’t totally captivate me without interjecting puns or highlighting major plot deficiencies.

While listening to the radio on an errand yesterday, I was delighted to hear that Mike Nelson was performing at ShadowBox Cabaret, a local “comedy and rock-and-roll” venue! Tickets to yesterday’s show sold out extremely fast, so a second performance was added for tonight. I just bought a pair of tickets for Carina and I.

It should be a lot of fun!

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