Ohio LinuxFest 2007


As summer draws to a close, it’s time once again for the Ohio LinuxFest, the midwest’s best free conference for GNU/Linux and open source enthusiasts. Now in its fifth year, OLF offers terrific presentations on a variety of subjects, a comfortable, casual atmosphere, and plenty of opportunity to meet other GNU/Linux users. Keynote speakers this year are Bradley Kuhn, former executive director of the Free Software Foundation, and Max Spevack, Fedora Project Leader and chair of the Fedora Project Board.

A great new addition to OLF this year is OLFU, a full day of tutorials and training on the Friday before the OLF conference. If you’d like some more formal training for GNU/Linux, or would like the opportunity for discounted professional training and certification from LPI or LOPSA, then OLFU is for you!

What started out as a small little conference for central Ohio GNU/Linux enthusiasts has grown to be one of the premier events in the midwest. This year Google is sponsoring the party after the conference. Drew Curtis of Fark will provide some entertainment before the final keynote. And I think we’ll have a surprise or two – though it’s unlikely we’ll have live penguins like we did in 2006.

I’ll be running the registration desk again, so if you’re attending you have no excuse not to say hi to me! I’ll also probably spend a little time at the FreeGeek Columbus booth, as well as the Habari booth. Chris, Owen and Rich are all going to attend again; and Sean is coming down from Chicago! Chris is speaking at OLF this year, and I’m very excited to hear his presentation.

As always, admission to OLF is free. If you’re going to be there, drop me a note ahead of time, or introduce yourself when you check in!

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