Palmy Bastard


I broke down today and got a palmOne Treo 650. I finally decided that it was silly to carry both a mobile phone and my Sony Clie organizer (it was particularly aggravating to key in new phone numbers to both units). I also bought a Bluetooth wireless headset, so I’m officially entering into the borg/geek cabal. ;)

So far, I’m pleased with the device. It’ll take some getting used to, no doubt; but I’m enjoying the discovery process. I looked at the cheaper Blackberry device, but what can I say – I’m a Palm man. I’ve been using Palm-based organizers for six (maybe seven?) years now, and I’m reluctant to change. I’m also fond of several third-party applications on which I’ve come to rely (like Lockbox, among others).

I’d consider using the Treo as a more feature-filled replacement for my iPod shuffle, if I can find the right software (the bundled RealPlayer is unlikely to satisfy me). Freedom caught my eye initially, but I see it does not work with Bluetooth headsets. Does anyone know of a Freedom work-alike that supports Bluetooth? What other groovy Palm apps do I need that I might’ve missed with my old monochrome Sony Clie?

In other news, our turtle Dinky is now eating carrot slices out of my hand. This pleases me a great deal.

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