Spring Vacation 2004


We took our first family vacation last week, and had an absolutely wonderful time. Aunt Martha took us to Virginia City, Nevada, and it hasn’t changed much since my parents took me there so many years ago! We had breakfast at Lake Tahoe and an absolutely gorgeous drive through the mountains. Erika and Eric joined us for a stroll through Muir Woods and San Francisco. Then we were off to the second oldest working covered bridge with Kevin.

Throughout the entire trip there was this weird sense of role reversal. No longer was I the complacent kid, implicitly trusting that my parents knew where they were going and that we’d get there safe. This was my first real trip as Daddy, and an eye-opening experience in many ways. The expression “Don’t make me stop this car” readily sprang from my mouth while the kids bickered and deviled one another in the back of the van. Driving through the mountains I felt a profound sense of caution as I realized that the three most important people in my life were completely dependent upon my safe driving (and don’t even get me started on the terror brought on by rough turbulence on the flight home!).

It was an absolute delight to observe the girls on this trip. I am constantly amazed at what little people they are! I’m awe-struck when I watch them reason through things, and I’m tickled pink when they carry on a legitimate conversation with one another for an extended period of time. The hustle and bustle of home life too often prevents me from really appreciating the depth of their person-hood… It’s a really hard thing for me to explain, the feeling I get when I watch these two little human beings do all the things that adults do all day long without thought…

We had a wonderful time, and we’re all very thankful for the hospitality of our relatives. We’re also all looking forward to visiting everyone again!

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