Take Your Daughter To Work


Today was Take Your Daughter To Work day at OSU, so of course Carina and I took the twins. The morning opened with a keynote from Joan Herbers, the Dean of the Biology department. Next we broke out into the morning sessions. For some reason, Tyler selected the aviation program, so she and I drove to the OSU Don Scott airport. I’ve lived my whole life in Columbus, and yet this was the first time I’d ever been to the OSU airport. It was fascinating!

Our guide shared a lot of information about the airport, the planes, and aviation in general. I learned a lot. I think my favorite part was when we got to climb the stairs to the control tower. One of the kids in our group was allowed to relay instructions to a plane requesting permission to take off! Our guide told me about LiveATC and FlightAware, at which you can listen to real air traffic control chatter. I admit I caught something of a bug, and entertained notions of earning a pilot’s license.

Afterwards we joined Carina and Tayler for lunch at Mirror Lake Cafe (which was called the Rathskeller when I was in school), and then went to the Blackwell for a demonstration in cake decorating. The girls quite enjoyed this, and showed a reasonable aptitude for it.

Finally we broke for the day, and went back to our normal duties. Tyler accompanied me, met a few of my coworkers and the professors, and helped me troubleshoot a networking problem. She was pretty bored, to be honest, but she stuck it out better than I would have expected.

All in all, it was a very fun day, and I’m glad we did it. It’ll be fun to do again next year, too!

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