Three Hundred


This is my 300th post. Of those, 10 are unpublished drafts (unlikely to ever be published, at this point), and one is a private post. So I guess technically this is my 289th post, which I suppose isn’t quite as interesting.

As of right now, I have 3,247 comments. Of course, WordPress comingles comments with trackbacks and pingbacks, so that number is rather inaccurate. A quick SQL query shows that I have 2,743 comments, 437 pingbacks, and 67 trackbacks.

It looks like I peaked in terms of internet popularity in March, when I had 172,909 visits (or 359,697 pageviews, using 5,474,770 KBytes). The months prior to that saw a pretty steady increase in visits per month, with just under 110,000 visits in January and February. April had 127,877 visits, so I can safely call March an anomaly.

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