I turned in my cell phone, and walked out of $employer for the last time. It feels odd not having the cell phone handy. I need to get a phone on Carina’s plan. I met Martin, the young man hired to replace me. He was affable, and presented himself as completely capable. I gave him a whirlwind tour of our systems, shook his hand, and left. I’m sure I’ll receive emails from him, which I will be happy to answer.

Tyler is home with a fever of 102. She took a short nap, and is now playing Sims 2. I’ll impose another nap soon, and then fire up a movie for her.

My sister arrived late last night from Kiev. Dad and I had been tentatively planning another trip to the funeral home, should my sister wish to view mom’s body. She declined. Neither dad nor I have any need to see what remains of mom, so her body will now be cremated.

As a complete aside, I find it weird that the Catholic church insists that cremated remains be buried. I also find it weird that cemeteries only allow two cremated remains per plot. I should think that you could really pack the ashes in there, if you want to.

Dad’s brother is due to arrive tomorrow. Other family will begin to trickle in. I’ll be going with the twins on a school field trip to the Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch. After school, our friends Brad and Michelle will watch the twins so that they can have a break from all the seriousness of the past few days; and also to allow Carina and I to be with Dad and the extended family.

Friday draws ever closer. The visiting hours will be, I’m sure, an exhausting experience for all of us. But it should also be extremely heartwarming, and in a sense rejuvinating. The number of people I know of touched by mom continues to grow, and I’m looking forward to hearing all the wonderful stories her friends have to share.

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