Last night I participated in the recording of episode 11 of vSoup, the virtualization technology podcast. The hosts, Christian, Ed, and Chris, made the experience very fun and I’m grateful that they had me as a guest. We talked about my employer’s use of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, why we’re moving to that from VMWare, and a little bit about homebrewing.

The podcast was a double treat for me: not only was it fun to talk about RHEV and virtualization, it was fun to speak with Christian. I’ve known Christian online for about five years now: we both participated in WordPress development back when it was a fresh young project, and we were both involved with Habari as well. Christian and I have chatted on IRC, exchanged email, and tweeted at one another for a long time, but we’d never communicated in any medium other than text.

It all started with a pair of tweets between me and Christian. The conversation migrated to email, and before long we were scheduling time to record the podcast.

I’m certainly no RHEV expert yet, and I’m sure that’s abundantly obvious in my remarks. I just hope that I come across sounding marginally intelligent. Virtualization can be a pretty complex topic, and a relatively new entrant to the field of enterprise virtualization has a lot to answer for itself when compared to more established products like VMWare. Maybe when the next major version of RHEV is released they’ll have me back to talk about it, too.

If you’re interested in virtualization, subscribe to the vSoup podcast. If you’re not interested in virtualization, at least listen to episode 11 as soon as it gets posted. I’m told it should be online late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

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