We are all Kosh.


Carina and I watched the last episode of Season Two of Babylon 5. She’s slowly grown to enjoy the show, as the actors really grow into their characters, and the writing improves. Now that the bulk of the introductory episodes are out of the way, episodes are far less episodic, and don’t stand particularly well on their own. Each show builds upon the events of the previous, as the complex story unfolds.

When Babylon 5 was originally broadcast, I didn’t see much of Seasons One or Two. It’s Seasons Three and Four that I saw the most – and even in these there are more than handful of episodes I missed – so I am filled with anticipation to watch the Great War unfold anew for me. I’m really happy that Carina shares my sense of excitement, and that she’s no longer poo-pooing the show! ;)

Knowing what I know about the series, I find it mind-bogglingly hard not to spill the beans for Carina. As I watch an episode, I can’t help but realize that things said and done in it were foreshadowed as early as episode one of season one; and that stuff that’s happening now will come around again in later seasons. It’s truly remarkable how well J. Michael Straczynski crafted such a complex story. I so desperately want to gush about this stuff with Carina, but she’s adamant about not having anything spoiled for her!

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